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How Did Zeta Beta Tau Make You the Man You Are Today?

We all gained invaluable lifelong benefits from Zeta Beta Tau. Did you learn about leadership at Zeta Beta Tau? Do the fraternity's core values play a role in your life today? Did you make a romantic or career connection thanks to Zeta Beta Tau?

Let us know how Zeta Beta Tau helped make you the man you are today. Click here to share your stories.

Where They Are Now

We recently caught up with some of our newest alumni to see where life is taking them. We are fortunate to have so many high achieving alumni among us. Time and time again, our members’ achievements have proven to us that ZBT is home to some of the most successful Tech graduates, and now even our youngest alumni are carrying on that proud tradition.

Here are just a few prime examples…

Undergrads Seek New Opportunities to Volunteer

Alumni Generosity Extends to Many CausesSeeing as how ZBT is built upon a Credo of four tenets, including social responsibility, it’s not surprising that our alumni maintain a strong commitment to philanthropy even years after graduating from Tech.

The philanthropic efforts of our alumni range from cancer research to serving the homeless to even providing learning opportunities for what may be the next generation of Tech students.

Most importantly, though, ZBT is looking to help! As we prepare for the 2017-18 school year, we’re seeking new philanthropy efforts that our undergrads can be a part of, and we need your input!

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