President & Chapter Advisor: Doug Bodner ’87

Treasurer & Secretary: Richard Threlkeld ’12

Finance Advisor: Logan Sandor ’13

Recruitment Advisor: Erik Brewer ’15

Programming Advisor: Andrew Rodrigues ’09


President: Jzi Taylor ’24, Computer Science, [email protected]
Operations Director: John Holzman ’24, Biomedical Engineering, [email protected]
Communications Director: Carson Jacobsen ’25, Physics, [email protected]
Programming Director: Giovanni Viau ’23, Public Policy, [email protected]
Brotherhood Development Director: Anish Vallabhaneni ’25, Computer Science, [email protected]
Recruitment Director: Irvin Angeles ’23, Mechanical Engineering, [email protected]
Risk Management & Wellness Director: Vacant, [email protected]
Finance Director: Soe Sone ’24, Mechanical Engineering, [email protected]
Standards Director: Clay Smith ’25, Computer Science, [email protected]


Georgia School of Technology
Xi Chapter

On January 15, 1916, a new, but strong link was forged to the Southern chain of Phi Epsilon Pi when XI chapter, at the Georgia School of Technology at Atlanta, Ga., was installed.  The installation officer was Frater Ben Stegall of Epsilon, aided by Fraters Oberdorfer, Joel and Siegel of Mu Chapter (University of Georgia).  The charter members were J. A. Goldman, E. L. Goldman, L. M. Sterne, R. I. Spengler, I. Spann, C. F. Fox, A. R. Lowi, and Frater Siegel.

After the initiation the party attended a dinner at a prominent hotel.  Those at the table in addition to the Fraters of XI and the installing Fraters, were Dr. W. H. Emerson, Dean of the College, Dr. G. H, Boggs, and Dr. J. B. Cranshaw of the Faculty of the Georgia School of Technology.  Also present were Mr. H. F. Comer and Mr. C. E. Blevins, Secretaries of the Georgia Tech Y.M.C.A., and leaders of all fraternity movements.  Nothing was spared in making the affair an elaborate one.  Dr. Emerson welcomed us to Tech. and predicted a great future for us.  Talks by the rest of our guests embodied similar remarks.

Coincident with our installation was the engaging of a large nine room house, two blocks from our campus, for the future home of Phi Epsilon Pi at Georgia Tech.  We now have the house well fitted up.  Seven men reside therein.  Shortly after our installation, on January 27th, we initiated Mr. James Riberio and Mr. Albert Loeb.  Frater Loeb is an associate member, of athletic fame, having graduated from the school three years previous to our installation.  On April 14th, Mr. Jacob Story was initiated with due ceremony, befitting the occasion.

Georgia Tech. at present has nine members, one Associate and two pledges.  They are working slowly in regard to new men, but have several prospects in view, whom they hope to pledge before the end of the month.

In the annual faculty reports of the standing of fraternities, Phi Epsilon Pi stood third, having an average of only 1.4 deficiencies per man.  The average deficiency per man for all fraternities was 2.  The school average was 1.7.  The lowest average was 1.1.

Frater R. I. Spengler was elected as representative to the Tech. Parliament.  This organization is composed of representatives of each fraternity and club in the University, and has charge of commencement carnival as well as campus activities.

Frater E. L. Goldman is also a member of the Parliament and has also been elected a member of the Emerson Chemical Society.

In conclusion, Xi Chapter welcomes all Fraters who pass through Atlanta, to our home at 314 Williams Street, Atlanta.  Our house is open at all times to alland we hope to have the pleasure of entertaining many.  XI Chapter wishes to congratulate Phi Epsilon Pi on its rapid growth in the past few months and hopes in the near future that the National Conference may be held in Atlanta.

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