Benefits of giving back to the Xi Chapter

It is no secret that being part of a group like Zeta Beta Tau is impactful throughout the remainder of our lives. We have heard from our brothers about the influence that the Xi Chapter has had on our futures, but what happens when we give back? This is what your brothers have to say about the benefits of giving back: 

Schwartz believes in “the good of giving a new generation of Tech Rats the opportunities we had and then some of those we didn’t.”Peter Schwartz ’68

“I think it is important to support an institution like GT ZBT for other young men who are looking for a similar experience that benefited me… There is great need for financial support in so many areas. It is important to include ZBT in my annual donation planning because I firmly believe that the fraternity experience must be perpetuated for the next generation(s).” Allan Quiat ‘73