Tom Sanders ’74: “No matter how much time passes, it always feels like yesterday.” 

Tom Sanders says that while he was in school, Zeta Beta Tau was known for the “best cook on campus.”

When not at the house, he and his brothers could often be found at the student center playing pool.  

A standout story from his fraternity days involves a mischievous plan that we executed to perfection, until it wasn’t: “For our pledge prank we moved all of the living room furniture onto the roof of the house. This was very funny, but, of course, we didn’t expect rain – not so funny while we scrambled to get the furniture back inside.” 

Other great memories include the house Halloween parties – “even if I can’t remember much!” – and road trips to the north Georgia mountains in the fall to see dawn when the Fall colors were out.

For Tom, the lasting legacy of ZBT is the bond of friendship that stands the test of time. “I’ve stayed in contact with a few brothers over the years and manage to see a couple who live in Florida on my road trips to see relatives/in-laws who live in the southeast Georgia area. No matter how much time passes since seeing a brother, it always feels like yesterday.”

Within four weeks after graduation, Tom got married, moved to Miami, and began a job working for the Florida Power & Light Company (FPL). He retired from FPL in 2012 and currently resides in Miami with his wife of 49 years, about one mile from their son’s family.